Guide To Editing Instagram Photos

Guide To Editing Instagram Photos

Ready to elevate your Instagram game? Amazzzzzzing, let’s do it! Whether you’re starting off on your editing journey, an editing pro looking to brush up on the facts, this guide is for you! The amount of apps out there can be a bit overwhelming, this guide is created to spark notes all that jazz. Easy peasy! 

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For editing:


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Planning & templates: 

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+Map out your aesthetic 

Exposure controls how much light is in your photo. This is different to brightness because it controls the lighting much more drastically. Move the slider to the left to make your photo darker, and to the right to make it lighter. 

Contrast dramatizes and defines your photos between light and dark. Move the slider to the right to create a darker, defined, and dramatic look for your photo. 

Highlights are used to control the light parts of your photos. This works great for clouds, reflections, and shiny facial features. Move the slider to the left to remove the hints or light or to the right to strengthen them. 

Shadows also control the light of your images. Move the slider to the left to increase the shade in lighter areas of your photo. Move the slide to the right to decrease shade, increase the light in the darker areas. 

White Point will make light parts of your photo look completely white. To make the colors appear completely white, move the slider to the right.

Black Point will increase all of the dark points of your photo. Move the slider to the left to make colors appear completely black.

Temperature controls how blue or yellow your photo will look. If you move the slider to the left, you will see cooler tones and if you slide it to the right, your photo will have warmer tones. 

Tint controls how much green and purple are in your pictures. If you move the slider to the left you will see more green in your photos. If you slide it to the right you will see more purple tones.

Vibrance controls how enhanced your colors will look, in a natural way. Increase or decrease the vibrance to give images a bit more life. If your images are too colorful, move it slightly to the left. Vibrance creates a more natural look than saturation. 

Saturation controls the enhancement of all of the colors equally. Moving the slider to the left will create a more dull look and all the way to the left for a black and white photo. Move the slider to the right to make a more vibrant, rainbow-like look for your picture. 

Hues allow you to control the amount of each color in the photo. If you move the slider to the left you will decrease that color in your photo. If you move it to the right, you will increase the tint of that color. 

Aesthetic is a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.


To create that color coordinating, uniform look for your Instagram page, use the same preset on all of your photos. This will assure that all of the coloring in your photos coordinate with one another to create a perfect, aesthetically pleasing look! 

Map out your Instagram feed ahead of time by using apps like Mosaico or Later (available in the app store). This makes it super easy for you to test how photos will look on your feed even before hitting publish. Plan your posts, play with the lighting and/or colors - your IG game will be top of the line! 

Presets are pre-determined settings that you add to your photo, enhancing them with the click of a button. TALK about making your life easier! The majority of photographers and social media influencers sell the presets they use to edit their photos. Once you have an eye for editing, you can even make your own! 

Sweat & Soul’s brand is bright, lively, and energetic. That’s why we created two presets that’ll give your photos the same vibrant look. Head to our preset pack to bring your photos to life. It’s a one-time purchase that you’ll have forever! 

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