What do my cravings really mean?

What do my cravings really mean?

Girl, you are stronger than your cravings. 


You’re sitting there, minding your own business, when all of a sudden - BOOM your chocolate craving hits you like a truck. It’s all you can think about. “Just one bite will do.” “Maybe if I smell it, it’ll go away.” Next thing you know, that one oreo turned into the entire tray. 


What is a craving anyway? It’s the feeling of desire or need for something. Crazy thing is, we don’t typically need the things we crave. We just want them really, really, really, badly. Really badly. Ask yourself, if I don’t have this (chocolate, donut, croissant, potato chip, etc.) will I die? No? Great, you don’t need it. 


Cravings can be triggered by social, environmental, and emotional factors, as well as nutrition deficiencies. Think about ice cream associating with a break up, or a stiff drink after a long day. These specific events affect the way we think and already set up a desire for a specific food or drink. Half the time we’re looking for a remedy to an emotion rather than feeding our bodies. 


It can allll be mental too. Sometimes I tell myself I want something when I’m not even craving it. I’ll assume I will want it from an external factor. Then I’ll feel terrible from indulging, leading to negative feelings or self talk. NOT OK. Listen to what your body is saying and figure out why it’s being so needy. From there, you can roundhouse kick that craving in the face.


As bad as cravings feel, they can easily be prevented by including specific vitamins and minerals into your diet. Each craving has its own kryptonite. We’re here to help you fight (& win) your cravings & kick them in the peach! 


Before as yourself these questions: 

Did I get a good night's sleep? 

Am I eating regularly?

Have I had enough water (8 glasses MIN a day)? 

Am I feeling okay, emotionally? 


If any of those answers are no, then you’re due for a craving. If your answers are all yes and the craving is still eating you alive, don’t worry! We have the solution for you to quickly combat the craving. The chart below helps you identify the culprit, what your body may be deficient in, and foods to indulge in instead!