Detox Do's & Dont's!

Detox Do's & Dont's!

Our detox is a bit different than the norm... It is a lifestyle, not a juice cleanse. Don't worry we still believe in a glass of wine, just cut it down to one glass a day ;) 

A detox to us is getting back on track mentally/physically & feeding your body with all the good sh*t it deserves! Below is our checklist, see how many DO's you are doing now sis!

Some days you may feel all the energy & other days maybe a little less - it’s perfect your body is doing A LOT right now to balance out! Don’t forget this is the reason we are detoxin’:

⚡️Getting on the right track again through our mindset

⚡️Fueling our bodies with all the good sh*t so we thrive

Start your morning with a detox tea:

Herbal Tea- clean energy

Shot of aloe- supports digestive system

Grapefruit- high in antioxidants, supports immune system, promotes appetite control

Himalayan Pink Salt- high in potassium, calcium & magnesium