Get Crop Top Ready With These 6 Exercises

Get Crop Top Ready With These 6 Exercises

No access to gym equipment and still want those washboard abs peeking out from your crop top? LOOK NO FURTHER. Here are some easy abs workouts that you can do on your living room floor, outside on the grass, or even in your bed. No excuses! 

Combine these moves a few times a week with clean eating and you’ll be crop top ready in NO TIME! 

Complete the circuit once for a quick ab fix, or repeat 2-3 times for maximum effect! Do not rest in between each move. Flex those abs the entire 4 minutes!! This circuit is designed for swift transitions, there’s no time to waste! 

  1. Center Straight Arm Plank: 30 seconds 

  2. Plank To Bear Crawl: 1 minute 

  3. Alternating Spider Plank: 1 minute 

  4. Twisting Side Plank Left: 30 seconds 

  5. Twisting Side Plank Right: 30 seconds 

  6. Center Forearm Plank: 30 seconds 

Have fun & don’t forget to send us your sweaty selfies tagging @sweatandsoultribe and #sandstribe!! 

1 Mihailomilovanovic / Getty Images